Our Story

About Classic Crockery Event Hire

Founded in January 2010, Classic Crockery Collection offers a unique of hand-sourced event decorations, tableware and props for events, weddings, corporate, press launches or any special occasions.

Our collection reflects the latest trends and timeless quality items. Our experienced buying team source our pieces all over the world and most of them are bespoke made for us. We take pride in items that are beautifully made and well crafted.

Our clients vary from a range of professional caterers and event planners, luxury hotels, restaurants and private events.

Our Team

Our team is important to us. Our people are the culture. We spend a lot of time working and that is why we make it a priority to be in an environment that inspires, stimulate and support.

We are making sure all our staff is fully trained and always aim to give to clients the best customer service assistance to make sure we will provide the best service to you to achieve a successful event.

We are constantly adapting our methods to maintain a high level of products and services and making sure we will provide the best quality products and service.

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