Our Cleanliness and the success of your Event

Think of others, treat everyone with care, in the hope that everyone will treat your loved ones with car too.

The cleanliness of the way we do things day to day and the items we hire has always been very high on our list of priorities. We will outline what we have always done below, the extra steps we will take in response to the Covid threat and what you (As the Event Host must do to assist your guests and us. The following is not an exhaustive list, so please add or adapt the following to suite your own situation. We have also updated our Terms and Conditions of hire to reflect these changes.

Important Note:

The most important thing to remember the safety of All is behind these guidelines. If you are young, have had or are immune, you may act as a carrier and pass on a disease to guests or other members of your family when you go home.

What have always done

Our key staff all hold Food Hygiene Level 2 certificates to ensure they understand the implications of cross contamination and how the items will used at an event. We use containers sized specifically to aid air and water flow around every item to ensure items you hire are clean and ready to use. Tables are cleaned by hand with professional cleaning products props are checked and cleaned by hand while seat covers are removed and washed each time they are used.

We use softened, filtered and Reverse Osmosis water when washing items. Crockery & Cutlery is washed at around 85 degrees and Glassware is washed at least 65 degrees because viruses and bacteria are only killed at temperatures exceeding 65 degrees. Every items is pre-rinsed, washed, rinsed with clean water, dried and cooled then checked and repacked. All of this requires a 12 metre long machine. We adjust the speed of washing tunnel (dependent on the item) to ensure items reach the desired temperature for a sustained time. We also use food safe detergents to ensure the items are as clean when they come out of the machine if they are not, they get put through the machine again or disposed of. Where applicable items are cooled then wrapped in plastic or in the case of cutlery placed in plastic bags to ensure they are sealed ready for use.

Items that leave our warehouse are washed before they leave to ensure you receive the items ready to use.

We recommend the items are stored at between 10 – 18 degrees to ensure they are ready to use. It is important that general cleanliness and food hygiene regulations are maintained on site to ensure the safety of your guests.

What we all need to do now

  1. We only supply clean items that are ready to use, each items is packed in a specific crate and stacked on a roll cage. All staff wear face masks during the cleaning, picking and packing process.

  2. Once your order is ready it will be stored away from incoming items in our warehouse ready to be loaded onto a van just before it is due to travel to your location. We never leave items in our van to ensure they are not subjected unnecessary variations in temperature.

  3. Our dedicated drivers will visit you wearing PPE and carry hand sanitiser in the van, we ask that you respect the personal distance regulations in force at the time.

  4. When we collect the items you must ensure that all items are rinsed with clean water to remove food and drink from the items. You will be charged more if items are returned UN-rinsied. Not having water on site will not be accepted as an excuse, you can hire a water bowser to ensure that everything is clean. We will wash the items again but for the safety of our staff we need all items to be rinsed.

  5. When the items are returned to our warehouse they will go into quarantine away from clean items waiting to be delivered. Our staff wear PPE, they will wash them, check the items, count them and repack them ready for the next event.

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