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Grigio Collection


Grey stoneware collection with mesh details on the rim

Grigio Dinner plate 80p + Vat each (27cm in diameter)
Grigio Starter plate 70p +Vat each (21cm in diameter) 
Grigio Side plate 50p+Vat each (16cm in diameter) 
Grigio Soup/pasta bowl 80p+ Vat each (19cm diameter, 5.5cm height) 
Grigio cereal bowl 50p + Vat each (14cm in diameter)
Grigio bowl 12cm 40p + Vat each
Grigio bowl 9cm 35p + Vat each 
Grigio bowl 7cm  30p + Vat each 
Grigio salad bowl 24cm £3.50 + Vat each (24cm in diameter)
Grigio Tea cup and saucer £1.20 + Vat each (0.25 L)
Grigio milk jugs 80p + Vat each (0.15L)
Grigio Rectangular platter/tray 40cm £3.50 each + Vat