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The Natural or back-to-nature theme has spurred on many brides and event planners to opt for the botanical natural event theme that is a must for anyone who wants a clean and simple look. This look typically involves botanical images with natural and organic elements such as plants, glass, paper or wood are key. Mixed textures are a must, while colours tend towards soft, neutral tones. A botanical natural event theme colour palette is white, green, stone, wood and delicate pastels.

When it comes to Botanical Natural, think flowers, expect plants in their natural form, such as roots and bulbs, as well as hanging flowers and herbs. Ferns work particularly well, as do succulents, lavender and soft, full roses. The look is clean and simplistic, but with natural texture.

Your menu should reflect your theme and include plenty of fresh, seasonal fare and organic ingredients, where possible. Elderflower cordial and limencello set the tone as welcome drinks. Give herbs, seeds or mini trees as wedding favours and name your tables after your favourite plants. It’s a classically beautiful, cool idea that won’t date.

For more inspiration try and visit you r local botanical gardens, ours is Kew Gardens

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Botanical Natural Theme