Wonderland Showcase at Kent House Knightsbridge

We showcased a selection of our unique items at the Wonderland Showcase at Kent House Knightsbridge London with some of our amazing partners Evolve Events, Acclaim Food & Venue Search London to name a few.

Wonderland Showcase at Kent House Knightsbridge

This week we fell down the rabbit hole at our Wonderland showcase at Kent House Knightsbridge as we took guests on an interactive evening of visual and culinary delights culminating in a magnificent and surreal cocktail party.


Guests came to realise that looks can be deceiving as delicious treats, served up by leading caterers Acclaim Food weren’t all they seemed; macaroons masquerading as mini burgers, fondants disguised as eggs and soldiers and lollies made from chicken liver were some of the unexpected canapes served.

Evolve Events

Evolve Events were the masterminds of the event that truly wowed all of the guests that night, check out their blog to see more pictures.

Kent House London

Kent House Knightsbridge is a beautiful Victorian townhouse located in the heart of Knightsbridge and is available for exclusive hire.  We really love this grand and sophisticated building in the heart of London.

The house offers light and neutral space within a grand setting allowing for enormous flexibility in use. It has proved to be exceptionally popular for weddings, conferences, product launches, corporate events and Christmas parties.

There were also Eat Me Drink Me stations, full of surprises such as giant marshmallows from The Marshmallowists including our favourite, gin and blackberry; a fragrance factory from Lick Me I’m Delicious with flavours that included Unicorn Tears; paint your own edible roses from Rosalind Miller and adult candies including alcoholic pastilles from Smith and Sinclair.

Later in the evening guests made their way onto the black and white dancefloor where DJ Ella took the party up a gear from her beautiful DJ booth surrounded by silver balloons from the team at Bubblegum Balloon Girls.

Wonderland Showcase at Kent House Knightsbridge